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The Silent Vampire Goes Trick-or-Treating

As my little six-year-old vampire approaches a stranger’s door, my heart shrinks with worry. How will it go?  I know he can’t yell “trick-or-treat” like he’s expected to, or even whisper it. Will people give candies to a silent little … Continue reading

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The length of the pause

Figure out the length of the pause. That was my main challenge in the first couple of months. The pause between the moment somebody asked my son a question and the second I began to answer it for him. Wait … Continue reading

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Monsters in his Head

I’m watching Martin’s weekly private swimming lesson from the viewing area of the local pool. A girl of about the same age as him is swimming widths nearby, accompanied by her teacher. There is nothing unusual about the girl, but … Continue reading

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Koopa’s words disappeared

Here is a book I’d recommend wholeheartedly to any parent of a child with Selective Mutism, or any other kind of anxiety-related disorder. The book, written an illustrated by Elaneh Bos, is called “Leo’s Words Disappeared”, and is about a … Continue reading

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Koopa talks

I think it is safe to say now that Koopa’s selective mutism is a thing of the past. About a month and a half ago he started talking freely in most settings, chatting to friends at daycare and on playgrounds, … Continue reading

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Well, we’ve graduated. Both of us.

It’s not that Koopa’s graduation party went badly, exactly, it just was… overwhelming, I guess. For him. And for me too. And its not that it left a bad taste in my mouth, no, it just left… well, more of … Continue reading

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